Rust Hyper HTTP Library Will Contribute to Make Curl Safer

Being written in C, the popular curl and libcurl tools, which are installed in some six billion devices worldwide, are exposed to well known security problems arising from the use of a non-memory safe language. A new initiative aims now to provide a memory-safe HTTP/HTTPS backend for curl based on Rust Hyper library.

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The State of RxJS – Ben Lesh at Ngconf

RxJS core team member and lead Ben Lesh presented at ng-conf the upcoming features for RxJS 7.Lesh started by reminding the audience of the RxJS goals. RxJS is a utility library that has been steadily growing in popularity, as a result of reactive programming paradigms becoming more commonplace. As an utility library that can be used in many different contexts and frameworks, RxJS strives to be stable and dependable, constantly improve developer experience, and optimize its bundle size.

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Applying a Zero-Bug Policy at Redgate

A zero-bug policy is a simple yet effective bug management system that can help you avoid being buried deep in months or sometimes even years-old bugs. Any bugs you agree are serious enough for you to fix, you fix right away, and any other bug will not be fixed and closed.

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Cloudflare Introduces API Shield

Cloudflare has recently introduced API Shield, a free security tool that protects API traffic against attacks designed to perform unauthorized actions or exfiltrate data. Strong client certificate-based identity is already generally available while schema validation is currently a closed beta.

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DigitalOcean Enters PaaS With App Platform

Specifically targeted at developers, DigitalOcean App Platform aims to make application development a matter of point-and-click. This new offering fills the gap between DigitalOcean Droplets and Kuberbetes-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service products.

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