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Delta – a Data Synchronization and Enrichment Platform by Netflix

Large systems often utilize numerous data stores, each one used for specific things like storing a certain type of data, advanced search, or caching. There is sometimes a need to keep multiple data stores in sync, and to enrich data in a store by calling external services. To address these needs, Netflix has created Delta, an eventual consistent, event-driven data synchronization and enrichment platform. In a blog post, the team behind Delta, all senior software engineers at Netflix, describes the challenges and an overview of Detla's design.

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Secrets at Planet-Scale: Engineering the Internal Google KMS

At QCon San Francisco 2019, Anvita Pandit, senior developer at Google, explained Google’s internal Key Management System (KMS), which supports various Google services. This internal KMS manages the generation, distribution and rotation of cryptographic keys, and also handles other secret data. Moreover, the internal KMS supports various services on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), including the Cloud KMS, and therefore this system needs to scale.

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The Current and Future Landscape of AI and VR

Cognitive technologies like AI and VR are here to stay, claimed Dr Susie Harding at Women in Tech Dublin 2019. We engage with AI constantly nowadays; it’s all around us, in ways we couldn’t imagine even five years ago. VR technologies haven’t breached the tech wall yet, but they will become more tactile in the coming years.

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GitHub Launches Mobile App, Notifications, and More

At this year's Universe Conference, GitHub made a number of announcements aimed at improving developer experience in the daily use of the platform, including a mobile client app and notification, as well as promoting workflow automation tools such as GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages to general availability.

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Web Components Reaching Mainstream Maturity

For years web components have been a standard that was almost ready. With the recent Apple Music web client release, Apple shipped over 45 web components to drive the Apple Music experience. Others, including Amazon, Porsche, arm, Panera, and Microsoft, are leveraging Stencil to create design systems and cross-framework web components.

read more Releases Feature to Automatically Identify Patterns Within Log Data released a new feature to help identify recurring patterns within log data. This new feature, entitled Log Patterns, automatically analyzes millions of log messages in real-time to reduce the volume of logs and potentially reveal common trends. This feature is their third feature to provide automated interpretation and filtering of log messages under the label of AIOps.

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New Bytecode Alliance Announces WebAssembly Nanoprocesses Proposal for Safe Use of Untrusted Modules

Mozilla’s Lin Clark recently announced the creation of the Bytecode Alliance. The Bytecode Alliance is an industry partnership aiming at proposing and implementing standards to enable the growth of a secure-by-default WebAssembly ecosystem, inside and outside the browser. The Bytecode Alliance introduced nanoprocesses to provide isolation and safety when running third-party Wasm packages.

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