InfoQ Live Virtual Event on Aug 25th: Session Spotlights and Roundtables

The inaugural InfoQ Live (Aug 25th) is a one-day virtual learning event that deep-dives into building and operating microservices and distributed systems. Discover practical strategies for the current environment that you can put into use straight away. Join world-class practitioners for inspiration, connections, and actionable ideas. See the InfoQ Live full schedule and the speaker line-up.

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3D Printed N95 Masks Not Viable

As the world adjusts to a supply shortage of N95 masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) from COVID-19, 3D printers around the world are working on two solutions: dysfunctional N95 masks that do not form a tight seal, and face shields that can serve as a protective barrier.

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Google‌ ‌Expands‌ ‌Open‌ ‌Images‌ ‌Dataset‌ ‌and‌ ‌Adds‌ ‌New‌ ‌Localized‌ ‌Narratives‌ ‌Annotation‌

Google AI has just released a new version (V6) of their photo dataset Open Images, which now includes an entirely new type of annotation called localized narratives. These multimodal descriptions of images incorporate synchronized voice, text, and mouse trace annotations that provide more in-depth training data for what is already one of the largest open "source annotated" image datasets in the world.

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Usability Testing and Testing APIs with Hallway Testing

Hallway testing can be used to enhance the usability of products and make your UX better. You can also use it to test APIs as Ewa Marchewka, head of software integration and test department at Nokia, presented at TestCon Europe 2019. It’s cheap, straightforward, there’s no need for complicated tools, and it’s fast, getting feedback from the end-user almost instantly.

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