Exploring Costs of Coordination During Outages With Laura Maguire at QCon London

Laura Maguire talked at QCon London [slides] about how the coordinative efforts during outages cause a high cognitive cost. Maguire found out that coordination during anomaly response is difficult, that existing models can undermine speedy resolution, and that the strategies to control the cost of coordination are adaptive to the type of incident. Moreover, tooling has additional costs of coordination, even when it's intended to reduce them.

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Agile Companies Have Higher Employee Engagement

The Business Agility Institute has released a whitepaper which summarises research into employee engagement. They concluded that high levels of employee engagement has a direct correlation with success in the volatile marketplace, from greater talent attraction and retention to greater innovation, profitability and production. They also show that organisations with high levels of agile maturity have a 25% higher Glassdoor rating (4.1 vs 3.3)

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The Java EE Guardians Rebrand as the Jakarta EE Ambassadors

Under the auspices of the Eclipse Foundation, the rebranding of the Java EE Guardians to the Jakarta EE Ambassadors has been completed. The Java EE Guardians initiative, launched in 2016, was created in response to Oracle and their stagnation with Java EE 8. They were a driving force that ultimately led to Oracle completing the release of Java EE 8 followed by open-sourcing Java EE and transferring ownership to the Eclipse Foundation. Around that same time in 2016, the MicroProfile initiative, a collaboration of IBM, Red Hat, Tomitribe and Payara, was launched to bring microservices to enterprise Java.

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JetBrains Releases AWS Toolkit for Rider

Earlier this month, JetBrains released the Rider version for its AWS Toolkit, an IDE plugin aimed at helping developers to build, test and deploy serverless applications in the Amazon Web Services platform. This release also includes support for Node.JS (in WebStorm) and updates to its first version, available since March of this year for Java and Python developers using IntelliJ IDEA and PyCharm, respectively.

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