MAUI: a Multi-platform App UI for .NET

Last month, during the 2020 edition of Build, Microsoft announced the roadmap for .NET MAUI, a multi-platform framework for building native device applications. The new framework comes as an evolution of Xamarin.Forms, providing native features for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

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Project Leyden Aims to Improve Java Startup Time

Java Language Architect Mark Reinhold proposed the creation of a new OpenJDK project Leyden: static application binaries with faster startup and lower memory. Once approved and completed, this would enable developers to compile Java code (just-in-time) to native applications (ahead-of-time), offering capabilities similar to GraalVM's native mode.

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AlphaFold Algorithm Predicts COVID-19 Protein Structures

In the wake of a growing number of cases of COVID-19, DeepMind has utilized their AlphaFold algorithm to predict a variety of protein structures associated with COVID-19. Given a sequence of amino acids, the building blocks for proteins, AlphaFold is able to predict a three-dimensional protein structure. Typically, going from a sequence of amino acids to a three-dimensional structure is a long and intensive process, requiring a wide variety of protein visualization techniques and structural analysis such as cryo-electron microscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, and X-ray crystallography.

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Decision Strategies for a Micro Frontends Architecture

Micro frontends is an architectural style for frontend applications based on the concepts of microservices. Luca Mezzalira believes this is a style that will change the future of these applications, but there are challenges and architectural decisions that must be made. To help in mitigating these challenges and defining a suitable architecture for an application, he has created a decisions process for embracing a micro frontends architecture.

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