MDsveX – Svelte in Markdown in Svelte

The mdsvex npm package was recently entirely rewritten to allow Svelte developers to have Markdown content inside a Svelte component and also use Svelte components inside Markdown. Just like Gatsby uses MDX to enhance Markdown with React components, mdsvex allows developers to write Markdown reusing Svelte components, the final result itself being a Svelte component, which can for instance be used to generate a static web page with enhanced interactivity.

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Adaptive Loading for a Faster Web

The Google Chrome team recently introduced Adaptive Loading, an exploration for loading and rendering the most suitable version of a component based on network speed, CPU, memory, and other web platform signals.

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Security Predicted to Improve in Devops Teams

After uniting development and operations to ship more code faster, DevOps teams are set to handle security as another major obstacle to overcome. Contrary to DevOps processes, many current security controls are either not completed or managed as gates that DevOps teams must go through instead of integrating processes together.

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The Importance of Fun in the Workplace

Things at work that make us smile or laugh can improve team cohesion, productivity and organisational performance. Fun can’t be forced, but it can be fostered, said Holly Cummins at FlowCon France 2019, where she spoke about the importance of fun in the workplace.

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Migrating to GraphQL at Airbnb

Airbnb has successfully migrated much of its API to GraphQL, resulting in improved page load times and a more intuitive user experience. In a presentation at GraphQL Summit, Brie Bunge described the multi-stage migration process that has been used across many teams at Airbnb. 

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