GitLab Annual DevOps Survey Shows Emerging Trends and Changing Roles

Completed by over 3500 developers from 21 countries, GitLab's DevOps survey encompasses three major areas, development and release, security, and testing. The survey results hint at DevOps enabling faster release cycles and improved quality, with the more recent DevSecOps area requiring more organizational fine-tuning. InfoQ has taken the chance to speak with GitLab's Senior Developer Evangelist Brendan O'Leary.

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55th Anniversary of Moore’s Law

April 2020 marks 55 years since Intel co-founder Gordon Moore published 'Cramming more components onto integrated circuits (pdf)', the paper that subsequently became known as the origin for his eponymous law. For over 50 of those years Intel and its competitors kept making Moore's law come true, but more recently efforts to push down integrated circuit feature size have been hitting trouble with limitations in economics and physics that force us to consider what happens in a post Moore's law world.

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Firefox 75 Revamps Address Bar, Keeps Release Schedules despite Coronavirus

Mozilla recently released Firefox 75, with a revamped address bar striving to improve the user’s search experience. Additionally, Firefox developers will be able to lazy-load images with configuring the <img> element’s loading attribute. Firefox developers will now be able to evaluate side-effect-free expressions as they type in the browser’s console. Mozilla maintains the 2020 Firefox release schedule despite the strain caused by the coronavirus. Firefox’s roadmap is however adjusted to avoid negatively affecting user experience on health services and to prioritize fixing video conferencing issues.

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What’s New in MicroProfile 3.3

The Eclipse Foundation released MicroProfile 3.3 featuring updates to five of the APIs:Other improvements include clarifications and enhancements to specifications and documentation, improved integration among all the MicroProfile APIs, interoperability across different MicroProfile implementations, and a complete set of artifacts for each API.

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ServiceMeshCon 2019: Platform Plumbing, Debugging, and Custom Implementations

The inaugural Cloud Native Computing Foundation ServiceMeshCon 2019 took place during November in San Diego, and was part of the KubeCon and CloudNativeCon “Day Zero” program. Key takeaways from the day included: a service mesh manages all service-to-service communication and provides dynamic service discovery, traffic management, and cross/non functional requirements; there are clear benefits obtained by using this new technology, but there are also tradeoffs, such as additional operational complexity; and service mesh technology is rapidly becoming part of the platform “plumbing” — the interesting innovation within this space is happening in relation to the higher-level abstractions and the human-focused control planes.

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