Web Storage APIs – Pete Lepage at Google’s Web.Dev

New APIs have emerged to answer the need of a web moving from documents to applications. Pete Lepage presented at web.dev LIVE a short but thorough description of the options developers have to store and cache data on the client. The CacheStorage, StorageManager and other APIs help developers create applications with offline capabilities and performance closer to native mobile applications’.

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C# 9: Simplified Parameter Null Validation

When we last reported on Simplified Parameter Null Validation, this feature was being challenged by several competing proposals ranging from attributes and compilers flags to full scale AOP with IL weaving. All of that has been discarded in favor of a narrowly tailored feature proposal which reduces the amount of code needed to validate non-null parameters to a single character.

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Collaborative Decision-Making in Self-Organizing Teams

Giving people the opportunity to express their full potential in self-organizing teams is the best way to make an organization thrive today, argued Lorenzo Massacci. At Agile Business Day 2019, he presented how teams that organize themselves can continuously make decisions effectively and efficiently.

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Google Publishes Its BeyondProd Cloud-native Security Model

Google BeyondProd white-paper provides a model for cloud-native security in a containerized world. Google's model requires moving beyond the traditional perimeter-based security model and leverages code-provenance and service identity as security cornerstones. Google also provided a list of open-source software that can be used to implement its security model.

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