Amazon Makes Internal Machine-Learning Courses Public

Amazon has published videos and supplementary materials from several of its internal Machine Learning University courses. The course lectures cover three machine-learning topics and can be watched on-demand on YouTube, while the slides, notebooks, and datasets can be downloaded from GitHub. A total of twelve courses are planned to be released by the end of the year.

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How Agile Can Work Together with Deadlines

Even with a hard deadline, you can still prioritise work in sprints, use daily stand ups to manage blockers, and run retrospectives to improve your ways of working. Stakeholder relationships are key when attempting to negotiate and soften arbitrary deadlines. Start conversations up front to set better expectations and ensure a smoother delivery, particularly when facing uncertainty.

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Splunk Launches New Release of SignalFx APM

Splunk, a platform for searching, monitoring, and examining machine-generated big data, has launched a new release of application monitoring tool SignalFx Microservices APM™. The new release combines NoSample™ tracing, open standards based instrumentation and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven directed troubleshooting from SignalFx and Omnition into a single solution. SignalFx Microservices APM supports lightweight, open source and open standards-based instrumentation with the goal of flexible data collection designed for modern cloud environments.

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Snowpack Releases 1.0, Seeks to Speed Up App Development by Removing the Need for Bundlers

The Pika package registry recently released the first major version of Snowpack. Snowpack seeks to streamline the developer experience by leveraging web standards and modern browsers. Developers who restricts themselves to using ES modules, and standard features of the JavaScript language may no longer need to go through a complex build chain to build, run and debug their applications.

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LG Releases New Hyperparameter Optimization Framework Called Auptimizer

Scientists at LG’s Advanced AI division released Auptimizer, an open-source framework for hyperparameter optimization (HPO) of machine learning models – the process of fine-tuning ML models for better performance. The software focuses on the job distribution, scheduling and bookkeeping aspects associated with performing HPO at scale, relying on existing packages for optimization algorithms.

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