Microsoft .NET Conf: Focus on Microservices

Yesterday, the third edition of the .NET Conf: Focus series took place, this time featuring microservices development with .NET. The event targeted developers of all stripes, with live coding demonstrations and comprehensive coverage on related concepts and tools. The focus conferences are free, one-day livestream events featuring speakers from the community and .NET product teams. The other two events of the series took place earlier this year, respectively focusing on Blazor and Xamarin.  

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Incident Management During Remote Work

Michael Fisher, a technology enthusiast and Group Product Manager at OpsRamp, recently blogged about how IT operations and DevOps teams can take a problem-first approach towards the incident management process. This appears to be a trend within the software development industry, as Dr Laura Maguire and Nora Jones have also recently written about related challenges in their learningfromincidents.io article "Learning from Adaptations to Coronavirus".

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Modular Monolithic Architecture, Microservices and Architectural Drivers

From observing what is currently happening in the IT community, Kamil Grzybek concludes that most new projects are implemented using the microservices architecture. He believes though, that we in the IT industry are making a mistake adopting microservices just because we believe they will solve all problems in monolithic applications. Instead, Grzybek recommends we focus on architectural drivers, and emphasizes that every architecture has its pros and cons – it will solve some problems but also create new problems. In a series of articles, he has started to describe the basic concepts and properties of a modular monolith and the drivers leading to a specific architecture.

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