Uber Open-Sources AI Abstraction Layer Neuropod

Uber open-sourced Neuropod, an abstraction layer for machine learning frameworks that allows researchers to build models in the framework of their choice while reducing the effort of integration, allowing the same production system to swap out models implemented in different frameworks. Neuropod currently supports several frameworks, including TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, and TorchScript.

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Snowpack 2.0 Launches O(1) Build System to Speed up Web Development

The pika team released the second major iteration of Snowpack. Snowpack 2.0 self-describes as a build system for the modern web and claims start-up times below 50ms even in large projects. Snowpack 2.0 achieves its speed by eschewing bundles during development. Bundles may still be generated for production. Snowpack 2.0 ships with a set of Create Snowpack App (CSA) starter templates targeting miscellaneous stacks.

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JetBrains Releases Rider, ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3

Earlier this week, JetBrains announced the last releases of 2019 for Rider and ReSharper Ultimate. The new IDE features include support for T4 Templates, cross-platform .NET Core profiling, multi-container Docker debugging, and Unity testing. ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3 includes a new Localization Manager, support for multiple C# 8 features, and dependency search for NuGet packages.

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GraalVM 19.3 Brings JDK 11 Support

GraalVM, a polyglot virtual machine that provides a shared runtime to execute applications written in multiple languages like Java, C, Python, and JavaScript, has released version 19.3 with support for JDK 11. Previous versions of GraalVM were based on JDK 8.

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