AWS Open-Sources CloudFormation Compliance Analyzer

AWS has announced the preview release of CloudFormation Guard, an open-source CLI tool to enforce compliance policies against CloudFormation templates. CloudFormation Guard provides a lightweight, declarative syntax for defining rules. It supports lists, wildcards, regex, declaration of variables, and can work with CloudFormation intrinsic functions.

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Web Animations API Now Supported in All Evergreen Browsers

With the release of Safari 13.1, the Web Animations API now ships with all evergreen browsers.Early animations in web browsers were typically created with JavaScript APIs. This approach was flexible but could not easily allow browsers to optimize animations with hardware acceleration or hooks into the layout and rendering pipeline.

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NativeScript 6.3, 6.4, 6.5 Releases Add Svelte, WebAssembly, KotlinJS, Performance Improvements

The recent NativeScript 6.3, 6.4, and 6.5 releases add a wide range of new features to their framework for building native mobile apps with TypeScript or JavaScript. Highlights in these releases include performance improvements to CSS parsing and CLI commands, support WebAssembly on Android and Svelte, 3D View Transformations, and experimental KotlinJS Support.

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Effective Product Development for the 2020s

Ram Sivasankaran, manager of business intelligence & data analytics at Oportun Inc., recently wrote an article which examined the infamous failures of three international market leaders caused by a reluctance to respond to market disruption. His analysis identified slow adoption of technology, a lack of data-driven decision-making and low customer focus. Martin Reeves, author and managing director at BCG Henderson Institute, also recently published a piece on the World Economic Forum (WEF) site about remaining competitive in the 2020s amidst rapid technology-enabled innovation, which the World Economic Forum describes as the 4th Industrial revolution. Similarly, Bill Lydon, chief editor of the ISA’s InTech magazine, recently wrote an article in which he presented case studies indicating that a gradual and evolutionary adoption of new competitive technologies is more effective than any revolutionary change.

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WKSctl: A Tool for Kubernetes Cluster Management Using GitOps

WKSctl is an open-source project to install, bootstrap, and manage Kubernetes clusters, including add-ons, through SSH. WKS is a provider of the Cluster API (CAPI) using the GitOps approach. Kubernetes cluster configuration is defined in YAML, and WKSctl applies the updates after every push in Git, allowing users to have repeatable clusters on-demand.

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Google Cloud Team Releases AutoML Natural Language

The Google Cloud team recently announced the generally available (GA) release of AutoML Natural Language framework. AutoML Natural Language supports features for data processing and discovering insights from text data. It also supports common machine learning tasks like classification, sentiment analysis, and entity extraction. It's useful in the following type of applications:

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