Thorntail Reaches Tail End

The Thorntail project has come to an end, following its five-year run as a way for applications to embed a web server like WildFly in a self-contained app. This change only affects the community version of Thorntail and does not impact Red Hat commercial Thorntail projects.

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COVID-19 and AI: Virtual Conference at Stanford Discusses the Future

A recent virtual conference was rapidly organized to discuss the use of data analysis to understand and fight COVID-19. Following the growing number of COVID-19 cases and in accordance with the school's policy, the original in-person conference was cancelled and replaced with a virtual conference titled "COVID-19 and AI: a virtual conference". The conference was split into four primary sessions, which were named "Landscape and Framing", "Social Impacts and Biosecurity", "Tracking the Epidemic" and "Treatments and Vaccines". Notable speakers included congressman Dr. Ami Bera, the U.S. Representative of the Seventh Congressional District, and Anthony Goldbloom, founder and CEO of Kaggle, a competitive platform for data scientists and machine learning researchers.

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Reimagining CI/CD Pipelines as Composable Blocks with Bryan Liles

Bryan Liles, Senior Staff Engineer at VMWare, talked at the DeliveryConf for ideas about patterns and recommendations when building CI/CD pipelines. Liles recommends thinking about CI/CD as patterns instead of implementations, like merely using Jenkins or Spinnaker. It should be possible to build a platform with composable blocks with replaceable components and agnostic to a technology stack.

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Facebook Introduces Rome Experimental JavaScript Toolchain

Rome is an experimental JavaScript toolchain created by Babel and yarn creator Sebastian McKenzie and the React Native team at Facebook. Rome includes a compiler, linter, formatter, bundler, and testing framework, aiming to be "a comprehensive tool for anything related to the processing of JavaScript source code."

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Edge to Cloud: Building the Tesla Virtual Power Plant

Recently at QCon London 2020, engineers from Tesla discussed the Tesla Virtual Power Plant and how the software they’re building is tackling some of the hardest problems in distributed computing and in renewable energy. The talk was a 50-minute dive into how Tesla is leveraging IoT, edge, cloud, and reactive architectures.

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