Johnny Boursiquot on Serverless Go and SREs as "Diplomats"

In a recent InfoQ podcast, Johnny Boursiquot, Site Reliability Engineer at Heroku, discussed a range of topics that included: why Go is a useful language for building Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) style applications; how Heroku implement the role of Site Reliability Engineer (SRE); and why the ability to teach is such a valuable skill.

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Jepsen Disputes MongoDB’s Data Consistency Claims

In an article titled, MongoDB and Jepsen, MongoDB claimed that their database passed “the industry’s toughest data safety, correctness, and consistency Tests”. In response, Jepsen published an article stating that MongoDB 3.6.4 had in fact failed their tests, the newer MongoDB 4.2.6 has more problems including “retrocausal transactions” where a transaction reverses order so that a read can see the result of a future write.

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New Relic Introduces Real-Time Java Profiling

Concurrent with the formal release of Java 14, New Relic, an observability and monitoring platform company, announced the release of their real-time Java profiling and JVM cluster timeline view tools to more effectively troubleshoot performance bottlenecks in Java applications.

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