Month: May 2020

Windows Terminal 1.0 Released with Support for Profiles, Multiple Panes, and Unicode Characters

Microsoft has moved Windows Terminal out of preview and announced the release of version 1.0. The release of version 1.0 moves Windows Terminal into full stable release. Windows Terminal includes multiple tabs, panes, customizable shortcuts, support for Unicode and UTF-8 characters, and custom themes and styles. The terminal can support PowerShell, cmd, WSL, and other command-line tools.

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Ambassador Edge Stack Seeks Shortening of the Inner Development Loop

Datawire, provider of the Kubernetes-native API gateway, Ambassador, has released a new version of Ambassador Edge Stack designed to accelerate the inner development loop. The new Service Preview capability uses Layer 7 (L7) control to allow multiple developers to code locally and preview changes remotely as if the changes were part of the live cluster.

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MDsveX – Svelte in Markdown in Svelte

The mdsvex npm package was recently entirely rewritten to allow Svelte developers to have Markdown content inside a Svelte component and also use Svelte components inside Markdown. Just like Gatsby uses MDX to enhance Markdown with React components, mdsvex allows developers to write Markdown reusing Svelte components, the final result itself being a Svelte component, which can for instance be used to generate a static web page with enhanced interactivity.

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Conflicting Reports on Remote Worker Productivity and Contentment

Remote working is becoming normal for the tech industry, with most tech employees working remotely due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. Studies and surveys are trying to measure the impact on productivity that organisations are seeing as a result of the shift. The results are conflicting and illustrate the complexity of the times we find ourselves in.

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Snowpack 2.0 Launches O(1) Build System to Speed up Web Development

The pika team released the second major iteration of Snowpack. Snowpack 2.0 self-describes as a build system for the modern web and claims start-up times below 50ms even in large projects. Snowpack 2.0 achieves its speed by eschewing bundles during development. Bundles may still be generated for production. Snowpack 2.0 ships with a set of Create Snowpack App (CSA) starter templates targeting miscellaneous stacks.

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C# 9: Towards First Class Support for Scripting

One of the defining characteristics of “scripting” languages is they don’t need any boilerplate. The very first line of a file can be the declarations and statements as you would see inside a function. By contrast, a language like VB, C#, or Java requires a ‘main’ method of some sort contained within a class.

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