Month: March 2020

Azure Sphere, a Secure IoT Platform, Reaches General Availability

In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced the general availability (GA) of Azure Sphere, an end-to-end IoT Security Platform. The Azure Sphere platform focuses on three key areas including microcontroller units (MCUs), a secure operating system (OS), which is based upon Linux, and providing cloud security services including software updates and detecting emerging threats.

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Remote Work Flourishes and Enables Business Continuity

Buffer and AngelList recently published the 2020 State of Remote Work report which surveyed "over 3,500 remote workers from around the world" to "piece together what’s becoming normal about remote work and where it might be headed in 2020." The survey coincides with a Wall Street Journal report on a sudden explosion of remote work across Chinese technology companies, in order to provide business continuity in response to the global COVID-19 epidemic.

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