Month: March 2020

What’s New in MicroProfile 3.3

The Eclipse Foundation released MicroProfile 3.3 featuring updates to five of the APIs:Other improvements include clarifications and enhancements to specifications and documentation, improved integration among all the MicroProfile APIs, interoperability across different MicroProfile implementations, and a complete set of artifacts for each API.

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Spectro Cloud Launches a Kubernetes-Based Hybrid Cloud Platform

Spectro Cloud, an enterprise cloud-native infrastructure company, launched a platform for managing multiple distributions of Kubernetes. The platform bearing the company name gives customers fine-grained control, flexibility and multi-cloud capabilities for their Kubernetes stack, including the ease of use and scalability of a managed SaaS platform.

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NativeScript 6.3, 6.4, 6.5 Releases Add Svelte, WebAssembly, KotlinJS, Performance Improvements

The recent NativeScript 6.3, 6.4, and 6.5 releases add a wide range of new features to their framework for building native mobile apps with TypeScript or JavaScript. Highlights in these releases include performance improvements to CSS parsing and CLI commands, support WebAssembly on Android and Svelte, 3D View Transformations, and experimental KotlinJS Support.

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Reimagining CI/CD Pipelines as Composable Blocks with Bryan Liles

Bryan Liles, Senior Staff Engineer at VMWare, talked at the DeliveryConf for ideas about patterns and recommendations when building CI/CD pipelines. Liles recommends thinking about CI/CD as patterns instead of implementations, like merely using Jenkins or Spinnaker. It should be possible to build a platform with composable blocks with replaceable components and agnostic to a technology stack.

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DNSSEC Signing Potentially Interrupted by Coronoavirus

The internet is underpinned by DNS, which converts textual names like to IP addresses that computers use for routing. Served over unencrypted and unverified communications, DNS is an easy target for network infiltrators to be able to silently redirect traffic to other hosts. To combat this, DNSSEC was created in RFCs 4033, 4034, and 4035.

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Adobe Open-Sources Adaptive, Accessible Color Palettes Generator

Nate Baldwin, designer for Adobe’s design system Spectrum, released the first major version of Leonardo, an open-source color generator. Leonardo strives to enhance designer productivity and end-user experience by automating the creation of accessible, adaptive color systems using contrast-ratio based generated colors. Leonardo also supports full theme generation and is intended for both designers and engineers.

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