Month: February 2020

Evolving Architecture with DDD and Hypermedia: Einar Høst at DDD Europe

Hypermedia is an enabler for a better architecture, Einar Høst claimed in his presentation at the recent DDD Europe 2020 conference in Amsterdam. In his talk he described the architecture challenges at NRK TV, the TV streaming service at the Norwegian public broadcaster, and how they migrated their monolithic architecture into a more modular design and implemented hypermedia in their Player API.

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CSS Motion Path Now Supported in Most Browsers

With the release early this year of Firefox 72, the CSS Motion Path specification is now implemented in most browsers. With CSS Motion Path, developers can implement a larger range of complex animations without resorting to JavaScript, or importing full-featured animation libraries like GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform).

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MIT CSAIL TextFooler Framework Tricks Leading NLP Systems

A team of researchers at the MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) recently released a framework called TextFooler which successfully tricked state-of-the-art NLP models (such as BERT) into making incorrect predictions. Before modification, these models exhibit accuracy above 90% on tasks such as text classification and text entailment. After TextFooler’s modifications, which changed less than 10% of the input data, accuracy fell below 20%.

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How Leaders Can Foster High-performing Teams

A leader can act as a coach, provide opportunities for ownership, and find out what motivates people to foster high performing teams. It also helps teams if leaders have powerful and meaningful conversations with team members and give vocal feedback face to face to team members.

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Storybook 5.3 Released, Targets Design Systems, Supports Web Components

Michael Shilman, a key Storybook contributor, recently announced the release of Storybook 5.3. The new version of Storybook strives to allow developers to build production design systems faster. Storybook users can now document their components with MDX, have a documentation site automatically generated, and integrate with popular design tools like Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD and more. Storybook 5.3 also now officially supports web components.

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