Month: January 2020

Yelp Open-Sources Fuzz-Lightyear

Business directory and crowd-sourced review service, Yelp, has open-sourced their in-house developed testing framework, fuzz-lightyear, that identifies Insecure Direct Object Reference (IDOR) vulnerabilities.

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Simulating Agile Strategies with the Lazy Stopping Model

Simulation can be used to compare agile strategies and increase understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in different organisational and project contexts. The Lazy Stopping Model derived from the idea that we often fail to gather sufficient information to get an optimal result. Often we can’t avoid this; we learn it as we go, or when working towards moving targets. Agile strategies can then be simulated in the model as more or less effective defences against this "lazy stopping."

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The Java EE Guardians Rebrand as the Jakarta EE Ambassadors

Under the auspices of the Eclipse Foundation, the rebranding of the Java EE Guardians to the Jakarta EE Ambassadors has been completed. The Java EE Guardians initiative, launched in 2016, was created in response to Oracle and their stagnation with Java EE 8. They were a driving force that ultimately led to Oracle completing the release of Java EE 8 followed by open-sourcing Java EE and transferring ownership to the Eclipse Foundation. Around that same time in 2016, the MicroProfile initiative, a collaboration of IBM, Red Hat, Tomitribe and Payara, was launched to bring microservices to enterprise Java.

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C# Futures: Primary Constructors

We last mentioned primary constructors in 2014 when it was removed from the candidate list for C# 6 and VB 12. Late last year, Primary Constructors reappeared as proposal #2691, which is now a candidate for C# 9.

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