Month: December 2019

Apple Open Sources ServiceTalk to the Java Community

Apple have open-sourced ServiceTalk, a JVM network application framework that provides a common and extensible networking abstraction built on top of Netty. ServiceTalk was conceived to improve low-level abstractions provided by Netty such as threading and usability. ServiceTalk provides higher-level, more targeted APIs for commonly used protocols such as HTTP/1.x, HTTP/2.0, and gRPC with a consistent networking stack and feature set that include client-side load balancing and service discovery integration.

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JakartaOne 2019: Livestream 7pm to 1am Summary

The inaugural JakartaOne Livestream global virtual conference was held on September 10th, 2019 with 19 one-hour sessions. The conference provided insights into the current state and the future of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile related technologies, and primarily focused on cloud native Java application development. The sessions included keynotes, demos, panel discussions, and upcoming specifications delivered by an all-star cast of Java luminaries.

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Microsoft Introduces Power Virtual Agents, a No-Code Solution to Building AI Bots

In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced the general availability (GA) of Power Virtual Agents, a service that supports building conversational chatbots using a no-code graphical user interface. The service is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, which includes Power Apps, Power BI and Power Automate (formerly named Microsoft Flow) and democratizes access to building artificial intelligence-powered bots.

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Google Publishes Its BeyondProd Cloud-native Security Model

Google BeyondProd white-paper provides a model for cloud-native security in a containerized world. Google's model requires moving beyond the traditional perimeter-based security model and leverages code-provenance and service identity as security cornerstones. Google also provided a list of open-source software that can be used to implement its security model.

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Google Cloud Team Releases AutoML Natural Language

The Google Cloud team recently announced the generally available (GA) release of AutoML Natural Language framework. AutoML Natural Language supports features for data processing and discovering insights from text data. It also supports common machine learning tasks like classification, sentiment analysis, and entity extraction. It's useful in the following type of applications:

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Datawire Announces the Ambassador Edge Stack Early Access Program

Datawire last week announced the release of the Ambassador Edge Stack 1.0 available as part of an early access program, the Ambassador Edge Stack is an integrated edge solution that empowers developer teams to rapidly configure the edge services required to build, deliver, and scale their applications running in Kubernetes. Datawire is the company behind Ambassador, the open source Kubernetes-native API gateway built on top of Envoy, and Telepresence, a CNCF-hosted tool enabling programmers to develop locally while connecting a service to a remote Kubernetes cluster.

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