Month: November 2019

Pulumi: Cloud Infrastructure With .NET Core

Earlier this month, Pulumi announced the addition of .NET Core to their supported languages. Pulumi is an open-source tool that allows the creation, deployment, and management of infrastructure as code on multiple cloud providers, similarly to HashiCorp Terraform.

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How Shopify Implements Custom Autoscaling Rules in Kubernetes

Andy Kwiatkowski from Shopify talked at the Velocity conference in Berlin about why they had to create a custom autoscaler in Kubernetes. Existing solutions for autoscaling didn’t fulfill Shopify’s needs. Mainly because of the large and sudden influx of traffic requests they receive. Also, they needed a cost-efficient solution when scaling down or to configure complex scaling conditions.

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How Lean Has Helped the IT Team Take Pride in Their Work

More teamwork, a better vision of daily work, a team that works in a concentrated way, and more pride in doing a job well; these are the benefits that Mélanie Noyel mentioned that their IT team at Acta gained from using Lean. At the Lean Digital Summit 2019 she presented on how they applied Lean to improve the IT team’s daily work.

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Microsoft Announces 1.0 Release of Kubernetes-Based Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA)

In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced the 1.0 version of Kubernetes-based event-driven autoscaling (KEDA) component, an open-source project that can run in a Kubernetes cluster to provide fine-grained autoscaling (including to and from zero) for every pod and application. KEDA also serves as a Kubernetes Metrics Server and allows users to define autoscaling rules using a dedicated Kubernetes custom resource definition.

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JakartaOne 2019: 7:00am to 1:00pm Recap

The inaugural JakartaOne Livestream global virtual conference, scheduled in conjunction with the formal release of Jakarta EE 8, went live on September 10th, 2019 at 7:00am EDT with the first of 19 one-hour sessions. Focused on Jakarta EE- and MicroProfile-related topics, these sessions included keynotes, demos and panel discussions delivered by an all-star cast of Java luminaries.

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Jay Kreps: Events, Event Streams and Their Importance in a Digital Business

Organizations are moving more and more of their processes into software, Jay Kreps notes in a blog post, and adds that he thinks an accompanying change is that businesses are increasingly defined in software – the core processes are specified and executed in software. To support this transition, he believes we have to move away from traditional databases into working with the concepts of events and events streams.

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