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React 17 to Ease Migration Pains for Future React Versions

The React team recently released React 17 (first release candidate), two years after React 16. React 17 strives to ease the migration between future major versions of React by enabling two concurrent versions to coexist. React 17 additionally has a few breaking changes related to the event system and the scheduling.

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InfoQ Live Virtual Event on Aug 25th: Session Spotlights and Roundtables

The inaugural InfoQ Live (Aug 25th) is a one-day virtual learning event that deep-dives into building and operating microservices and distributed systems. Discover practical strategies for the current environment that you can put into use straight away. Join world-class practitioners for inspiration, connections, and actionable ideas. See the InfoQ Live full schedule and the speaker line-up.

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AWS Releases Amazon Fraud Detector into General Availability

Amazon Fraud Detector is a fully-managed service on AWS providing customers with a capability to quickly identify potentially fraudulent online activities, such as the creation of fake accounts, loyalty account and promotion code abuse or online payment fraud. The service uses machine learning (ML) and relies on two decades of fraud detection expertise from AWS and

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Dropbox Improves Sync Performance Using a Modified Brotli

After analyzing the performance of several common lossless compression algorithms, Dropbox engineers modified slightly Google's Brotli encoder to improve their engine sync performance. They could thus reduce median latency and data transfer by more than 30%, Dropbox engineers Rishabh Jain and Daniel Reiter Horn maintain.

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