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Microsoft Releases Bridge to Kubernetes

Earlier this week, Microsoft released Bridge to Kubernetes, a Visual Studio extension that allows developers to write, test and debug microservice code locally while consuming dependencies from a Kubernetes environment. The purpose of this extension is to simplify microservices development by eliminating the need for extra assets such as a Dockerfile or Kubernetes manifests.

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Google Engineer Tailors Swift for Windows

The vision for Swift to become a cross-platform programming language has moved one step further with the introduction of a Swift toolchain for Windows 10. Early adopters can now use Swift to create Windows 10 programs that interoperate through the C ABI with existing libraries available on the platform.

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Q&A with Katherine Kirk on Managing Entropy in Uncertain Times

InfoQ recently published a recording of a talk titled When There’s No Control, What Can You Do To Thrive? by Katherine Kirk, a speaker and leadership consultant who specialises in transformative resilience. The talk was aimed at providing tools for managing the inevitable organisational impact of entropy and complexity. Kirk's talk discussed using situational awareness and analysis to understand and respond to change, touching on tools for adapting to the rapidly changing context of the current pandemic.

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